Shopping Tips for Maternity Wear

As your belly grows in size, you’ll find that many of your normal clothes no longer fit. Shopping for maternity clothes is exciting if you have the right mindset and knowledge. Since it’s difficult to estimate your size ahead of time, it’s best to buy what you need as you need it.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you shop:

What to look for
  • Comfort is the most important thing when buying maternity wear.
  • Soft and breathable fabrics, such as cotton, don’t irritate your bump and ensure good long-term wear throughout your pregnancy.
  • Look for stretchy fabric which delivers support and shape you need to accommodate your belly as it expands.
  • As you widen, look for clothes with vertical lines or with patterns to make you look slimmer. Likewise, all-solid colored or dark-colored clothes also create a slimming effect.
Things to Avoid
  • It’s best to avoid synthetic fabrics such as nylon and polyester.
  • Also avoid under-wired bras during pregnancy because the wire may obstruct the blood circulation or put pressure on the developing milk glands.
  • Beware of clothes that say “wrinkle-free” or “permanent press” because these fabrics are often treated with chemicals that are considered to be carcinogens to humans by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
More Shopping Tips
  • It’s important to try on clothes before you buy. If clothing is itchy or uncomfortable in any way, don’t buy it.
  • Maternity clothes are based on your pre-pregnancy size, so whenever in doubt, buy bigger size.
  • Consider buying a belly band to extend the wear of pre-pregnancy pants.
  • You’re not limited to maternity clothes. Regular clothes in larger sizes fit just as well.
Essential items to buy

First of all, stay true to your own style. Then buy only the essential pieces that you’ll wear a lot through your entire pregnancy. These essential pieces are:

  • Soft stretchy tops
  • Maternity jeans
  • A few dresses
  • Black leggings
  • Comfortable flats (shoes)
  • Expanders for pants
  • Well-fitted maternity bras – provide support for your changing breast size. Buy maternity bras as you need them.
  • If you plan to breastfeed your baby, buy a few nursing bras in the third trimester.
It’s not over yet…

You will be needing your maternity clothes even after your baby is born, at least for a little while. It generally takes several months to shrink back down.

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