‘Do’s and ‘Don’t’s to Optimize Your Fertility


  • Take Prenatal Vitamin daily.
  • Have healthy lifestyle. Maintain a healthy weight, exercise moderately, eat good food, limit caffeine intake and stay happy and relaxed.
  • Have sex near the time of ovulation. Daily intercourse during the days leading up to ovulation may increase your odds of becoming pregnant.
  • Consider preconception appointment. Your care provider can assess your overall health and help you identify lifestyle changes that may improve your chances for a healthy pregnancy.
  • Have sex regularly. For many couples, this may be all it takes.


  • Don’t be stressed if you don’t get pregnant immediately. With frequent sex, most healthy couples conceive within one year.
  • Smoke. Tobacco changes the cervical mucus, which may keep sperms from reaching the egg.
  • Drink alcohol. Alcohol may reduce fertility, and if you do conceive may be harmful to the fetus.
  • Take prescription and/or over-the-counter medications without your care provider’s guidance.


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