Forgetfulness or “Pregnancy Brain”

During pregnancy, some women become more forgetful or absent-minded or have trouble concentrating. You may not be as sharp as usual. You leave your phone or keys at home or forget an appointment. Don’t worry. These symptoms are a temporary effect of hormonal changes. Sometimes, forgetfulness can persist for a while after delivery.

Try these strategies to help you feel more in control:

  • Always put items you use often, such as keys, in the same place
  • Put reminders of appointments and events on your phone via an app or calendar
  • Make to-do lists and check tasks off
  • Keep a detailed daily organizer in a prominent place of your home
  • Simplify your life, prioritize the important things
  • Get more sleep
  • If you can’t think straight, be kind to yourself, take a long bath or go for a walk

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