Birth Plan Checklist

A birth plan is a labor and delivery plan checklist, which serves as a communication tool between you and your health care providers. Having a birth plan is optional. A birth plan is helpful in communicating your wishes to your health care providers about how to handle birth day surprises and other discomforts of labor and delivery.

Here is a Birth Plan sample. 
  • When to go to the hospital. Know the signs & symptoms of true labor
  • Hospital bag – pack personal items. List of contact phone numbers. Camera?
  • Your concerns about giving birth – write on paper to ask your health care provider
  • Kegel exercises – ask your care provider to teach you the correct method
  • Know healthy weight gain for you – ask your healthcare provider to help you determine
  • Who is your support person during labor and delivery? Significant other or a doula?
  • Pain Management Options:
    • Natural Pain Relief: breathing, walking, muscle relaxation, dim lights, music.
    • Pain Medication: Epidural? Ask your health care provider about pros and cons
  • Episiotomy concerns – Discuss with your care provider. Ask about Perineal massage.
  • Positions during labor– sit up in bed, being upright allows gravity to assist with baby’s descent
  • Delivery Preferences – Do you want your family to observe? Record a video?
  • Cutting baby’s umbilical cord – Do you want your significant other or the doctor to cut it?
  • After birth – Do you want the baby handed directly to you or wrapped in a blanket & then handed to you?
  • Circumcision? Ask your health care provider ahead of time about the pros and cons
  • Feeding baby – Breastfeeding or formula feeding? Breastfeeding is the best for baby.
  • Do you want to see baby’s first bath and exams? Ask your delivery nurse
  • Cesarean birth preferences. Ask your health care provider about pros and cons

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